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Soap Made with Sheep's Milk


We have The Best Hand Made Soap because we make it at home !!

Milk has been used since ancient times as a natural cleanser and beauty aid.  Natural lipids in milk moisturize and help skin renewal.  High amounts of vitamins and minerals make the benefits of milk endless.  Many commercial soaps are actually detergents.

Our soap is made with our sheep's milk

and filtered water from our spring on the farm.

The bars are approximately 3 1/2 oz. size and lightly scented.

Here are the scents we have available . Please Call for Availablity.

It takes 3 months for Soap to cure for sales!!

Our Soaps Are $5.00 each except

for the Soap with Tea Tree Oil.

#1s    Honeysuckle : What a delightful fragrance of the south.

Will have your sences thinking of Spring !

$5.00 each + shipping

#2s Bay Rum : Fragrance older men remember from the Barber Shop.

$5.00 each + shipping.



This is a good one for those folks that don't like a fragrance.  Virtually no scent, calendula essential oil

and flower petals have long been used for soothing dry sensitive skin.  We also put petals in the soap.

$5.00 each + shipping.



A creamy blend of coconut,tangy lime with hints of verbena & vanilla musk.

$5.00 each + shipping.


#5s GARDENIA LILLY:    Very rich floral scent.

$5.00 each + shipping.


#6s. HIBISCUS PASSION:     floral and fruity intertwined with sheer musk .

$5.00 each + shipping.


#7s.LAVENDER Flowers:    a beautiful fresh scent of lavender without

medicinal smell you can sometimes get.

$5.00 each + shipping.


#8s. OAK LEAVES & ACORNS w/ Tea Tree Oil:

A rustic pine,violets fragrance. Great scent for both men and women

$6.00 each + shipping.


#9s. ORANGE ORCHID w/ TEA TREE OIL and Oatmeal

Smells like orange pekoe tea with a hint of floral.  Blended with tea tree oil, which is an antifungal oil,

great for most skin problems.  Combined with oatmeal for a gentle exfoliant.

$6.00 each + shipping.


#10s. PEPPERMINT invigorating, the oil also been used for improving circulation .

$5.00 each + shipping.


#11s. Sahara SANDALWOOD : A woodsy, down to earth scent with a touch of spice.

$5.00 each + shipping.


#12s  Spicey Lime:       Has a very sililar smell to Old Spice.

$5.00 each + shipping.


#13s. Tahitian Vanilla:     Fresh smell, citrusy vanilla.

$5.00 each + shipping.