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Soap Made with Sheep's Milk



We make our soap in small batches using the cold process method. It is cut to

approximately 3 1/2 oz. to keep it to a size easier to hold and use. Then aged at

least 3 months to develope into a creamy, moisturizing and gently lathering soap.

To keep costs down I chose to use mostly fragrance oils instead of essential oils.

I do add a light fragrance to most of them and some color . While keeping the

qualities the soap already had I started adding persimmon and green tea. The

reason I did this is because tannins from persimmon and green tea washes away

sebaceous matter that causes odors and doesn't wash away with regular soap.

Many people refer to this as " old people smell ". However, this actually can

occur because of hormonal imbalance, medicines and multiple reasons. Not,

neccessarily age. This is something Japanese having been using for centuries

for making soap.

Here are the soaps I have available at this time. I will be changing scents and

eliminating some from time to time so if youhave a favorite please let me know.

#1s    APPLEJACK : A warm spicey smell of apples.

$5.00 each + shipping


#2s CALENDULA : This is a great one for those that don't want any fragrance. Calendula is a Marigold type flower long been used for soothing dry sensitive skin. Both the essential oil and flower petals are used in the soap.

$5.00 each + shipping.


#3s COCONUT LIME VERBENA : Creamy blend of coconut,tangy lime with hints of verbena and lime.

$5.00 each + shipping.


#4s  Gardenia : Dewey, soft floral scent

$5.00 each + shipping.


#5s HIBISCUS PASSION : This is floral and fruity mixed with a little musk.

$5.00 each + shipping.

#6s JASMINE : This is my favorite. aromantic floral scent


#6s. LAVENDER FLOWERS : a beautiful fresh scent of lavender without that medicinal smell you can sometimes get with pure lavender.

$5.00 each + shipping.


#7s. OAK LEAVES & ACORNS w/ TEA TREE OIL : This scent is great for men and women. A rustic mix of pine and violets I added Tea tree oil becauseit has so many great benefits for skin as a antioxidant, fungicide and much, much more.

$5.00 plus shipping


#8s PEPPERMINT :  Invigorating scent of peppermint. Peppermint essential oil is great for circulation and a good pick me up.  OUT OF STOCK!

$5.00plus shpping


#9s. SAHARA SANDALWOOD: A little different than your standard sandalwood. This is your earthy scent with a little spice,vanilla and coconut mixedin.

$5.00 each + shipping.


#11s. Sahara SANDALWOOD : A woodsy, down to earth scent with a touch of spice.

$5.00 each + shipping.



$5.00 each + shipping.


#13s. Tahitian Vanilla:     Fresh smell, citrusy vanilla.

$5.00 each + shipping.