Here are a couple of pictures from our Milking Parlor.They are showing the platform

where the ewes stand (6 at a time)  and a view with the bucket below.


I normally do not brag on a product but I now use a product for Milking that I really believe is a time saver beyond belief.

I am using a product called UDDERLY EZ MILKER.This is a hand help unit that you pump a few times and the milk comes out into an attached bottle.

No Electricity, No equipment to move around for just a few animals it is truely GREAT.

I was milking 1 ewe that had a single lamb and instead of setting up all my milking equipment,

running my vacuum pump  and all for a few minutes of milking when now all I do is sanitize a couple of parts,

assemble and I am ready.Really,this is the best time saver for milking 1 or 2  animals.

There parts for Sheep, Goats and cows and the bottles come in different sizes also.

I would tell you come to the farm to see this and check out there web site for more info:

EZ Animal Products llc

2157 260th St.

Humbolt,IA. 50548


I have a few websites with info on Dairy Sheep:

Supplies for the Cheese maker !

Info for Dairies from books to breeds to equipment this is a great resource !

Great site for info about on-farm ,atrisan processing,

home steaders and small cheese makers

Great site on making your own stuff from Soaps to insect powder.

if you have small acreage than this will give you insite into what to do with it !




We also have our EWEPHORIA and EWESOSOFT products also.

Give Us A Call Before Coming Out As I Am Sometimes In Town.  CAll   417-668-5560