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About Stoney Acres Sheep Dairy

After moving here to Competition from Wisconsin in 1996
we established the 1st licensed Sheep Dairy and cheese operation in Missouri.

Wanting to make the most use from our great Sheeps Milk
we first started to develope our cheeses.

Due to uncontrolled varments we are no longer milking.

We have since also developed our Soap, Lotions.

Our sheep  ( St. Croix ) all 5 of them are kept on pasture almost year around,

supplementing with grain during lambing.

We don't give them anything like growth hormones.

We are continually striving to improve our Dairy Flock
and make the Best Sheep's Milk Products possible
Everything from Lambing to Marketing is done on the Farm.

Stoney Acres Sheep Dairy of Missouri

Sheep eat grass and hay like cows so the milk
is not bitter or off flavor.

This is as Pure as it gets!!